Pewter & Porcelain Terrine | Deer – Duck – Boar – Hare



A blend of crisp white and rich pewter …these solid pewter covers are made in Austria. The French porcelain terrine with porcelain cover can go into the oven. A multipurpose item for your home.  The porcelain is from Pillivuyt, famous porcelain designers from France.

ONLY the porcelain terrine and porcelain cover go into the oven. Pewter cover is for serving only.

Fine craftsmanship from overseas facilities, coupled with artful design creates opportunities for functional heirlooms. The Pewter will not rust, tarnish, change or effect the taste of food or drink, and requires very little maintenance and is as versatile a metal as can be.

This piece makes a great gift for any wildlife enthusiast who enjoys serving dinner in style.

Size: L: 6 inches, W: 4 1/2 inches, H: 3 3/4 inches.