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French Pewter

  • Decanter Drainer

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  • House of L’Etain Pewter | 4 Piece Wine Service Stand

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  • La Maison de L’Etain “Crystal” Carafe/Decanter | Collection: “Vin & Passion

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Zeller Keramik

  • Bee Breakfast Mug

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  • Bee Cup (high) w/saucer

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  • Bee Dinner Plate

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  • Bee Milk Pots/Jugs

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Limoge Porcelain

  • “Azzara” White- Coffee Cup w/Saucer

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  • “Derby Bleu” Coffee Set – Limoges Porcelain

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  • “Derby Bleu” Creamer

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  • “Derby Bleu” Limoges – Coffee Pot

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Sale Items!

  • “Cape May” Sail Away White Wooden Desk Lamp

    Sale! $105.00
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  • Adopt Rémi the Rooster | Color: Rémi Cream | Ceramic

    Sale! $58.00
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  • Baudelaire French Soap

    Sale! $14.00
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