Serge Lesage Accent Rugs |”Bleu Fume” Collection | Design: Amandine



Why do we need these little French rugs in your home you ask?
Well maybe it’s because these rugs keep the floor cozy and warm. Maybe it’s that added spot of color. Maybe it’s the personality.  Maybe it’s that the whole rug-on-polished wood combo is just so polished! Whatever it is an accent rug will warm up any room!
Serge Lesage rugs  are imported from France.  These rugs can be used in any room inside or outside your home.  Add a little French into you home!
  • non slip backing / machine washable
  • can be put in dryer at low setting or line dry
  • 2’3″ x 3’7″ (27″ x 40″)
  • Imported from France.
  “Bleu Fume” collection includes: “Volutes” and “Monosque”
The images of Serge Lesage Accent rugs on our  site are meant as approximate representations of the actual product, and Charme Rustique does not guaranty the delivered product matches an image color exactly. Colors in an image can vary between electronic viewing devices as well as printing devices, and the color of a product can vary depending on the angle it is viewed from and the lighting of the product.