Serge Lesage Accent Rugs | “Vert”Collection / Design: Amandine



For over 25 years, SERGE LESAGE has designed, manufactured and sold top-of-the-line contemporary rugs all over the world.

The “Tiptop ” Collection has made its return to the United States after years of being off the market,  and after a huge demand for these rugs,  we decided to import them  from France once again.

It goes without saying that throw rugs in high-traffic areas have got to be functional. But because they’re in spaces where so many guests will see them—like the entryway, kitchen, and bathroom—we think it’s important that they’re good-looking too.

100% cotton  with  non slip backing and  machine washable…can be put in dryer at low setting or line dry

Size: 2’3″ x 3’7″ (27″ x 40″) /  Imported from France.

STYLE: Amandine | Color: Green  – Also available in Volutes and Manosque  Design