Pierre Mouret | Wall Sconce | “Single Vine”


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Are you looking to add a touch of romance, elegance and dazzling beauty to your home? Nothing enlivens a dull and dreary room like perfect lighting. While lighting is often overlooked by most amateur designers and homeowners, it is the one defining factor that makes or breaks the look of an interior. Wall sconces offer the perfect balance between form and functionality while demanding very little.

Attractively hand-crafted sconce by the famous House of Mouret  of France. This sconce is hand made in metal and hand painted . This hand made, hand painted  sconce is a work of art that will provide warm lighting for a hallway, nursery, dining area or any room that needs a bit of accent lighting.  electrified / Will not rust.

Size: 9″ length; 6″ at its widest – sold as a pair only ($380.00 for the pair)

House of  Mouret Luminaires  – 135 years of experience!

Pierre Mouret is a house created in Marseille  who  specializes in decorative lighting since 1875. Pierre Mouret uses steel, brass and bronze for tailor made fabrications with all the soul of its creator.