La Maison De L’etain Pewter | Bottle Holder with Insert | “Le Havre”


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Designed from the “Vin & Passion” collection from the house of La Maison De L’etain of France.

Pewter and Wine ~ a historic marriage!  95% Pewter

Wine Bottle Holder  “Le Havre” designed with an Antique  finish – 10″ in length  – the belly of the holder contains a removable  insert in a grapevine design, to hold your corks. Hand made from France.

Care of your French Pewter

  • Hand wash pewter that will be used with consumables before and after use, with a mild detergent, using a soft cloth to wash and a soft cloth towel to dry.
  • Never wash in an automatic dishwasher.
  • Never wrap pewter directly in paper as it may scratch or stain the pewter. Wrap it first in plastic or foam, then paper if desired.
  • All pewter should not be used for long term storage of consumable liquids, but rather for immediate use (within the day). This avoids etching of the surface by any acids.