Rémy Delinières Porcelain -Taormina Dinner Plate


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Distinctive and extraordinary porcelains from the potteries of Limoges, France, Remy Delinieres’ craftsmenship brings warmth to the dining room for an intimate moment or a dinner amongst family and friends. Classic and refined, porcelain is a exceptionally durable…. which is why you don’t have to save these pure white, glazed pieces for a special occasion. Their updated shapes combine effortlessly with other patterns, so you can dress things up, tone things down or create a fresh look every single day.

10.5″ diameter.   Use the Saumon or Brisque Charger not only for protection of your table.  They can of course be used as dinner plates.    Set the table with different color chargers to reflect your passion for an outstanding dinner table.

Dishwasher safe.