Serge Lesage Accent Rugs | Design: Amandine | Color: Bleu Fume


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Why do we need these little French rugs in your home you ask?
Well maybe it’s because these rugs keep the floor cozy and warm. Maybe it’s that added spot of color. Maybe it’s the personality. Maybe it’s because rug-free settings tend to be institutional. Maybe it’s that the whole rug-on-polished wood combo is just so polished…maybe your home could just use a little French design.

Design:  Amandine / Bleu Fume Collection

Velvety soft, colorful and washable.  The beautiful rugs in the TipTop Collection are designed by Serge LeSage and are made in France.

100% cotton and unusually soft, it is machine washable and can be tumbled dry on low.

TipTop rugs are perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, nursery or entryway.

Style: Amandine /  2’3″ x 3’7″ – blue with cream design