Heidi Callaird Ceramic Guinea Hens | White Spotted Cobalt Matte Finish


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The “Feeding” Guinea Hen   | Color: White Spotted Cobalt |  Style: Matte Finish | Hand Painted | Product of France. These ceramic  guinea hens have round bodies and tiny heads.

In France, guinea fowls are a specialty—both in the fields and on the dinner table! Heidi Caillard, a famous potter in Provence,  was so smitten with the birds that ran free in her garden, she translated their full-figured shapes into charming ceramic pieces…and the ceramic guinea hen was born!  A great gift for any occasion!  These hens  look especially cheerful as a pair nestling on a sideboard, in your den and in your kitchen!

The “matte finish” was created to compliment the glossy hens for a spectacular look!  Mix and match!  Note: as these are handmade and hand painted variations in color can occur – it is just part of their charm, not a defect.

Size: 14″ from head to tail / 8″ high