Faïenceries d’Art de Malicorne “Iris” Lamp


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Faïenceries d’Art de Malicorne

Since 1924, the earth, the fire and the talent of the master potters have established the fame of the Pottery of Art of Malicorne. 

The style and placement of lamps in any room has a significant effect on the overall ambiance. Properly placed lamps can enhance your decor and set the mood in your home.   This beautifully hand painted lamp stands 16″; diameter is 11″.  Lampshade is 12″ high; 20″ diameter in its fullest; 9″ top of shade.  French mounting system.  Shade is a soft green.

This lamp bears the mark “ FAM – Craftsmanship of Malicorne“. This signature is the guarantee of authenticity.