La Maison de l’Etain Vin & Passion Pewter Gift Set “Cercles”



What is decanting? Simply put, it means transferring (decanting) the contents of a wine bottle into another receptacle (the decanter) before serving. It may sound silly but how can pouring wine from one vessel into another make it taste better?   It does!  So decant your wine in French style with our decanters from La Maison de L’Etain “Vin & Passion” Collection!

From the House of l’Etain of France

Set Includes:

  • Decanter “Cercles” 10 1/2 ” tall x 7″ at its round   – polished pewter finish
  • Pewter “Wine Set” includes wine thermometer; cork screw and bottle neck ring
  • Pewter Funnel with Stand – polished pewter
  • 2 Pewter Goblets – antique finish

Cost $419

Please note: Handmade products have slight variations that are to be expected and are the nature of the product. These variations are not considered flaws, but are part of the desired character of each individual handmade piece.