La Maison de L’Etain Pewter | Champagne/Wine Cooling Bucket



Cooling bucket made of solid pewter with cooling elements (inside which can be put into the freezer).
Antique finish with a raison design front, back and handles

Designed from the “Vin & Passion” collection. Handmade in France.

The ritual of pouring a beverage has historically signified the beginning of an event, an occasion, or simply, the day at hand.
“Wine and Passion” is intended for the wine specialists, for the connoisseurs, and for the ordinary lover of wine! Bucket stands 7″ tall.
This impressive ice bucket is sure to please your guests at your next party.  This craftsmanship and high quality pewter makes this ice bucket a stunning addition to any event.

Care of your French Pewter

  • Hand wash pewter that will be used with consumables before and after use, with a mild detergent, using a soft cloth to wash and a soft cloth towel to dry.
  • Never wash in an automatic dishwasher.
  • Never wrap pewter directly in paper as it may scratch or stain the pewter. Wrap it first in plastic or foam, then paper if desired.
  • All pewter should not be used for long term storage of consumable liquids, but rather for immediate use (within the day). This avoids etching of the surface by any acids.