La Maison De L’etain Pewter | Bottle Holder | Fleur de Lis Design



Designed from the “Vin & Passion” collection from the house of La Maison De L’etain of France.

Pewter and Wine ~ a historic marriage! From Antiquity to the French King’s tables, the creativity of goldsmiths has assured the lasting life of this Nobel metal.

Wine Bottle Holder  – Antique  finish – approximately 16″ in length   – the  stand of this holder is carved in fleur de lis design;  the bottom of the bottle holder has a crank that adjusts to the size of the wine bottle. Superb craftsmanship!   Classic piece of pewter from the house of L’etain of France.  One of a kind design.   Hand made.  A great gift for any wine enthusiast.