Souleo è Provence® Pottery | Garden Cachepôt/Utility Holder | Divers Provence Bleu


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Created by the French for those who love beautiful things!

Cachepôts  are nothing more than vessels  to hide planting pots or a vase.  This cachepôt can find its place in a sun room , outside on your shed, entrance to your home.  Can also be used on your kitchen counter to hold kitchen utilities.

This fully glazed  decorative Cachepôt originates  from Provence, France. The planter is traditionally hand painted and hand designed.    Add your potted ferns or seasonal flowers.

Souleo  Provence Pottery is  handmade and hand-painted pottery, therefore imperfections and color variations will occur. These beauty marks are part of the charm of these products.

Size: 5 1/2″ H   Diameter:  5″.