HENRIOT QUIMPER | France | Design: Ancien Decorative “Breton” Male Plate


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The hand painted French faience known as Quimper Pottery, pronounced “kem-pair” has been manufactured in Quimper a town in Brittany, France for over 300 years. Each piece of Quimper China is completely handmade and painstakingly hand-painted. Each piece of Quimper china is unique. One artist hand paints each piece from start to finish. Each piece is then initialed by the artists and marked Henriot to ensure its authenticity.

  • Based on archives and museum collections,  this  proud “Breton” citizen is painted  in his  traditional  garment with flower border.
  • The back of the plate is pierced (2 holes) for hanging.
  • 10 inches diameter. The plate is dishwasher safe, but recommend hand washing.